What are the different reasons someone can still be dehydrated even if they’re drinking lots of fluids? Why does each occur, and what can be done about it? 

By: Dr. Keith Kantor

There are several reasons someone can remain dehydrated despite drinking a lot of fluids.

Not all fluids are created equal.  You may think drinking any kind of liquid like coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks are hydrating simply because they are liquids but they are actually the opposite. Some liquids, like the ones previously mentioned have a dehydrating effect, many more than others due to caffeine, processed sugars and various other additives. Some say for every cup of coffee consumed, you need to drink at least double the amount of water. This is because caffeine is a natural diuretic which forces more water out of the body.

To keep yourself properly hydrated, nothing replaces plain water or Hydroxide alkaline water.  There are better alternatives to plain tap water including  Hydroxide alkaline water and fruit and/or herb infused water options, this not only improves the nutrient value it also makes it taste better. Hydroxide alkaline water  actually helps in two ways. It creates more water than you drink by the OH- in the Hydroxide water combining with H+ ions in the body. H+ ions cause acidity which causes inflammation, by forming water the H+ ions are eliminated (changed to H2O) which helps eliminate inflammation.

A low carbohydrate diet can have temporary negative effects on hydration status.  If someone is following the ketogenic diet, on the first few days of this diet they will have more frequent urination and deplete more water than normal due to the depletion of glycogen in the muscles.   Glycogen holds water, and when the body produces ketones and depletes the muscles of glycogen there is a lot of water that gets released. It is important to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces or more of water (Hydroxide water) per day.




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