Ocean Fit Q & A on post workout shake


By: Dr. Keith Kantor


  1. What is a post-workout shake? It is a quick and easy way to ensure that you are getting in the post workout recovery nutrients your body needs following a workout. These shakes typically contain protein, complex carbohydrates and micro nutrients like amino acids and vitamins.
  2. Do I need a nutrition shake? No one needs a shake but if you find that you are not meeting your daily nutrient requirements for your lifestyle, activity and nutrient needs then a nutritional shake can be a simple way to increase your overall nutrition over the course of your day.
  3. Are their alternatives to drinking a shake after a workout? Sure, a balanced meal containing protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables and some fruits is an alternative to a shake options. Shakes are convenient and easy but if your workout falls at a time that is right before a meal it is perfectly acceptable to use your meal as a post workout nutrition option.
  4. What shakes should I try? 5. How much protein do I need after
    a workout?
    After an intense workout that you know you are going to be sore and tired from will typically allow men to absorb up to 40 grams of protein and women 30 grams, the rest of the protein is not utilized by the body and will be stored as fat and filtered through the kidneys as waste. It is important to not overdo protein. Marketing and fad diets can have us believe that we need more then we actually do. There are several shakes in the market, my favorite is the Natratech Superfood shake, it is a great balance of complex carbohydrates, protein and it is gluten and dairy free, increasing absorption more and decreasing inflammation tendencies within the gut. Some mainstream shakes can be very rough on the gut.
  5. How many carbs should I eat after a workout? If you had an intense workout with heavy lifting or a long endurance cardiovascular session or intense intervals your muscles may be depleted of glycogen and need to be refueled of the complex carbohydrates from quality sources like fruit, vegetables and other plants. If you are not trying to lose weight appropriately 15-45 gram of carbohydrates can be used as a post workout meal replacement.   If you are trying to lose weight I would not recommend more than 15 grams as a post workout option. I say this because during weight loss you ideally want to train your body/ metabolism to use fat as a fuel source rather than replenishing with too many carbohydrates that could potentially turn into excess calories and hinder weight loss efforts.