Men’s Health contacted Dr. Kantor for new cooking trends this year.

Food meal delivery services are on the rise. People are interested in cooking healthy but they need it to be easy and convenient. There are several different food delivery companies that send individuals and/or families a box of fresh food ingredients weekly. The box comes on insulated and on ice. The contents are organized and divided up into separate bags with recipes to follow that are typically 20-40 minutes long to prepare and cook. All of the packaging is recyclable.


This cooking trend eliminates the need to think about dreadful “what’s for dinner?” There is no more need to look up recipes, prepare a grocery list, plan out meals, grocery shop, and there is no food waste. Some of the meal options would be extremely expensive due to only having the option to buy large quantities of ingredients that would most likely end up in the trash.

There are different types of companies that offer traditional recipes, Paleo, vegan, low carbohydrate, low calorie, family friendly, etc. Price points vary based on the quality of foods and amount of servings ordered per week. If planning dinners and grocery shopping is a major chore for you I highly recommend out sourcing your meals to a delivery service.


Instant Pots (formally known as pressure cookers) are becoming very popular because they are a fast way to cook meals and they retain flavor. Instant pots unlike crock pots do not have to cook all day, the instant pot can prepare meals in less then an hour and in some cases from frozen.







Spiralizer due to the increase awareness on avoiding starchy carbohydrates spiralized zucchini has become a popular alternative to spaghetti. Beets and carrots are also popular vegetables that are spiralized. By changing the texture of the vegetable it can be used as a side, fancy garnish or simply more appealing to the eye at meals. Spiralizers are easy to use and can also encourage children to consume more vegetables.