Do you struggle with finding a low carbohydrate substitute to keep you satisfied at meals? Do you struggle with estrogen dominance? Are you looking for a super food to help prevent and fight off disease and different ways to prepare it so you do not get bored?


The Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Cauliflower is often considered one of the healthiest foods on earth- and there is good reason why. With its rich supply of health-promoting phytochemicals, high level of anti-inflammatory compounds, and ability to ward off cancer, heart disease, brain disease, and even weight gain- it seems there isn’t much cauliflower can’t do.


Cauliflower is a member of the cruciferous vegetable family- along with broccoli, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts and some other less common varieties.

Recent studies suggest that cruciferous vegetables are an excellent source of natural antioxidants due to their high levels of various phytochemicals, as well as good suppliers of essential vitamins, carotenoids, fiber, soluble sugars, minerals, and phenolic compounds. In fact, it’s believed that cruciferous vegetables are the largest source of phenolic compounds in the human diet. Everyone should consume cruciferous vegetables daily.


Do you struggle with estrogen dominance? Cauliflower can help. Being exposed to toxins daily including pollution, cosmetics, unfiltered water, and processed foods can mimic estrogen in the body causing weight gain and more importantly increase your risk for certain cancers like prostate or breast cancer. Cruciferous vegetables including cauliflower can help detoxify estrogen levels naturally. At least 2 servings of cruciferous vegetables should be consumed daily.


Are you wondering about how to eat cauliflower without getting bored?


Roasted Cauliflower- Drizzle chopped cauliflower with olive or coconut oil and season lightly with garlic, black pepper, sea salt, thyme, and oregano and bake on 400 for 15-20 min. Serve as a tasty side along fish, steak or chicken.


Cauliflower Mash- steam cauliflower until soft, add butter, black pepper, sea salt, chives, sour cream or milk and blend with hand mixer till smooth and desired texture. Serve alongside fish, steak, or chicken. This is also a great substitute for holiday meals that typically have mashed potatoes.


Cauliflower Rice- Place cauliflower in food processor until it is chopped into small pieces, stir fry it with olive oil, black pepper, sea salt and desired herbs in a pan till cooked and slightly soft. Serve instead of rice in burrito bowls, Asian stir-fry, etc.


Powerful Nutrition Profile of Cauliflower

Cauliflower in particular is believed to be so beneficial due to its special combination of phytochemicals called carotenoids, tocopherols, and ascorbic acid- all forms of antioxidants currently being extensively researched in order to understand more about how they keep the body healthy.

Due to recent search, cruciferous crops like cauliflower are now highly correlated with preventing chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders, and various forms of cancers, just to name a few. It is important to consume certified all natural cauliflower.


A one-cup serving of cauliflower contains (keep in mind you may consume 2 or more cups):

  • 29 calories
  • Close to zero grams of fat, sodium, or sugar
  • 73% daily value (DV) of Vitamin C
  •  19% DV of Vitamin K
  •  15% DV of folate14%
  •  13% DV of pantothenic acid
  •  12% DV of Vitamin B6
  •  11% DV of choline
  •  11% DV of fiber
  •   9% DV of Omega-3 fatty acids


Summery of benefits of cauliflower:

  • Balances hormones
  • Preserves eye health
  • Improves Digestion & Detoxification
  • Helps manage weight
  • Contains a high level of nutrients
  • Lowers risk for chronic diseases
  • Fights Inflammation