Dear Dr. Kantor;


It gives us great pleasure to inform you that you are currently and if you continue at your current pace will be the number one published Nutritional Scientist in the United States and possible the world. We are extremely happy you have chosen Bio Core (www.biocoreopen) to be your International Journal of record and are proud to have you as one of our top research scientists in the International Journal of Nutrition Science and Food Technology.



Managing Editor of the International Journal Of Nutritional Science and Food Technology



If his current output continues at a similar pace, Dr. Kantor will be the number one published Nutritional Scientist in the United States and possibly the world in 2016.

With the peer reviewed open access journals, Bio Core Open and now Research Gate (¬†) publishing his ground breaking research articles (both are among the largest in the world) and becoming an Exclusive Expert Panelist for Consumer Health Digest, the number one published Nutritional Scientist in America — and possibly the world — is a very real possibility for Dr. Keith Kantor.

Add to this NAMI Georgia, Addiction Professional, Dr. Jay Faber of the Amen Clinics, Diabetes Health, Sober Systems, Natural Practitioner, Sober World, Natural Healing News, Elements Behavioral Health, Alliance For Addiction Solutions, Counselor Magazine, Chiropractor Magazine, News Max, Better Living Magazine,, Optimal Harmony Water Company and dozens of other Professional Magazines and Blogs, and it appears his most published status for 2016 is virtually assured.

Topics which include Specific Nutrition, Proper Specific Hydration, Inflammation, Body Flora and how they affect the major chronic diseases are extremely hot right now and the pressure being put on Medical Schools to make these required courses is helping the interest in his ground-breaking research. He has already been approached by several medical schools to help them create these new courses. With the addition of his Continuing Education Classes in conjunction with ACTS Consulting International, Inc., the popularity and interest in his research should only grow.