Name of your pick for best protein powder for women; link to buy

Natratech Superfood Shake

Why nutritionally this is a good pick for women, maybe
it contains essential micronutrients that benefit women, is free
of artificial flavors, is vegan, etc. Also, if, say, brown rice
protein, why brown rice protein? Is it because women are more
prone to digestive issues and brown rice protein is easy to
digest? If it’s a 100% grass fed whey protein pick, why
grass-fed and not conventional? Why concentrate instead of
isolate? etc. Please explain in 2-3 sentences why it’s an
excellent choice for females.


This shake is a great option because it has quality fruit and vegetable extracts, to ensure we are getting in enough nutrients and antioxidants especially if we do not get in the recommended 9-11 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. The high quality brown rice protein is soy and dairy-free which promotes healthy digestion.   It contains fiber, which helps prevent constipation, a common issue women face as they age, along with helpful digestive enzymes, prebiotics & probiotics. It is not artificially sweetened, it uses only raw materials, i.e. Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Spirulina, Resveratrol, Quercitin, etc. for flavor. These ingredients promote stable blood sugars and fat loss.


Please explain in 1-2 sentences why women would want to add protein powder to their
diet. (i.e., if you’re vegan it can help you get enough protein, if you’re a weightlifter it can help you bulk up, etc.)


Supplementing a protein powder into a woman’s diet will help meet their daily macro nutrient targets, I recommend about 20% of calories come from protein per day. Protein helps maintain lean muscle mass while keeping you feeling full. I have found if protein needs are not met we tend to crave foods that can cause weight gain like sweets, or starchy foods like bread, pastries, chips, etc. Do not go overboard with protein that can strain the kidneys and also cause weight gain if it is consumed in excess.


Please share how much protein dietitians recommend women eat a
day and general guidelines about what women should look for in a
protein powder (i.e., around x many calories, below x grams
sugar, without x and y ingredients and artificial flavors,
etc.). 3-4 sentences. 

As I mentioned above I recommend about 20% of daily calories come from protein. Needs are different based on goals and activity level, the more active you are the more protein you need for muscle repair and replenishment. Aim to have .8-1.0 grams of protein per pound of your ideal body weight.


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