By: Dr. Keith Kantor

Energy drinks are addictive and in some cases contain potent amounts of harmful ingredients, check out these swaps below…

The Bad Guy: “Monster” and Active Ingredient(s): Taurine, guarana

Replacement option: Herbal tea, the caffeine amount in tea is far less then the caffeine in a guarana and the additional antioxidant benefits from tea can naturally boost energy without the crash.


The Bad Guy: Red Bull: sucrose (sugar), glucose (sugar), caffeine, taurine,

Replacement option: the sugar content in Red Bull drinks is very high like many other energy drink options, causing unhealthy spikes and falls of insulin levels resulting in weight gain, or other metabolic concerns. Replacement option: A super food drink that is made of organic fruit and vegetable extracts, the quality ingredients will insure that you are meeting your nutrient needs and deliver long lasting steady energy without a crash. My favorite brands include Natratech’s Superfood Shake, Organifi superfood powder, or Davinchi Superfood powder.



The Bad Guy: 5 Hour Energy- caffeine, taurine

The replacement- this energy drink is not as strong as some of the others listed here, it also contains niacin and B-vitamins as the first ingredients, which is promising, but depending on them can be dangerous. Since this is one of the “weaker” energy options I recommend switching to a higher quality hydroxide water for sustain energy, which also reduces inflammation and acid within the body. My preferred brand is AQUA-OH!, it is made from pure limestone.


The Bad Guy: AMP – high fructose corn syrup, guarana, and caffeine

The replacement- Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that comes in a variety of flavors and contains healthy bacteria/ probiotics to boost gut health and overall immune health.


The Bad Guy: Full Throttle – sugar, caffeine, and guarana seed

The replacement- Cold pressed juice, always look for the cold pressed juice that contains the least amount of sugar. Cold pressed juice contains the extracts from quality fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest and will help ensure you meet your daily nutrient needs. Cold pressed juice will also hydrate you while delivering a satisfying beverage with certain fruits and vegetables you may not normally consume on a regular basis.


The Bad Guy: Bang- caffeine

Replacement option- if you need a caffeine fix instead of drinking processed energy drinks that are loaded with ingredients that you have no idea what they are go for a cup of coffee, no sugar and maybe a splash of cream, almond milk or coconut milk. The calories are far less and the antioxidants from the coffee bean have been shown to reduce your risk of diabetes, or certain cancers.


The Bad Guy: Rock Star– high fructose corn syrup, guarana, caramel coloring, and caffeine

Replacement option- the additives in energy drinks aside from the dangerous stimulants are also dangerous and pose several health concerns. The replacement: Vuka energy drinks are still energy drinks buts they are all natural, stevia sweetened, and contain less stimulants then the traditional options available.