By: Dr. Keith Kantor


Looking for some of the more common things you should know
before starting the Mediterranean diet.

Expected weight loss- The Mediterranean diet is more of a lifestyle diet dramatic weight loss is not typical for most people who adopt this diet as a lifestyle. If you have been consuming a lot of processed convenience foods and you switch over to whole unprocessed foods on the Mediterranean diet you may experience weight loss at a rapid rate in the beginning due to less water retention and it will taper off later on. Healthy weight loss along with regular exercise and activity is a half a pound to 2 pounds per week no more than that is considered healthy weight loss.

Health benefits, what you can expect to eat, how you should feel- There are several health benefits to the Mediterranean diet including reduce risk for heart disease, weight management, anti-inflammatory, and improved energy and overall vitality.

Grocery shopping tips include shopping the perimeter of the grocery store and aim to get in season fruits and vegetables for peak nutritional value. Keep in mind buying quality grains, organic meats, wild aught fish in bulk can save money and you can freeze for later use. Avoid processed oils or nuts.

Meal planning should be kept simple focus on quality protein quality vegetables and fruits and heart healthy and anti-inflammatory fats at each meal. Herbs, quality oils, lemon juice and vinegars can enhance the flavor of meals without increasing the calories or sodium.

Negative things that might happen, etc. simply keep in mind that the Mediterranean diet it’s a lifestyle plan. Having unrealistic expectations of dramatic weight loss should not be the focuses of this diet it is a long-term diet to promote health and reduce chronic disease risk.

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