By: Dr. Keith Kantor

Why do so many people make health-based resolutions in January?

The New Year is a great time for a fresh start and most people want to feel and look better resulting in health based resolutions, this is especially true after a season of over indulging at holiday parties and family favorite recipes.

Why do they often fall by the wayside?

People try to make too many changes at once and have false expectations of getting results very quickly which is unrealistic.  Lowering expectations and making small changes slowly is the recipes for success.  People see marketing that glorifies extreme transformations and they emotionally expect the same results which are not common or in most cases healthy.

What are some ways to make resolutions for healthy eating stick?

Set small goals and build on them.  Avoid the all or nothing mentality, for example if you slip up and have a doughnut at the office avoid turning that one unhealthy decision into several more simply because you had one slip up.  Be positive and establish a healthy mindset, think about making life long changes rather than painful and strict nutrition and exercise programs that are unrealistic to maintain for life long health and vitality.

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