Pop sugar asked about safe weight loss..

By: Dr. Keith Kantor


There is a difference between water weight and fat loss.  Water weight can be dramatic especially at the beginning of a program, specifically low carbohydrate programs.  Glycogen, the form of carbohydrate that is stored in the muscle holds a lot of water, when the stores are depleted people typically can lose a lot of water weight due to witching their fuel source over to fat from glycogen.  This can be 5-10 pounds during the initial week or two of starting a nutrition plan that depletes carbohydrates.

Safe fat loss after the initial water weight loss is .5-2.0 lb. per week, this ensures that there will be no metabolic damage or hormone imbalances.  It is most likely that 2 pounds per week for the average person is still too aggressive, I recommend .5-1.0 lb. per week for safe weight loss.  Some weeks there may be no weight loss and others there may be a couple of pounds.  An average of 2-8 lbs. per month is safe and will be slow enough to modify behaviors and promote long term weight loss rather than yo-yo dieting which is frustrating for most people. It is important to drink one half your body weight in ounces of all natural hydroxide alkaline water per day( the best is made from limestone). This helps to replenish lost waster, helps remove acid by the OH- combining with the H+( which causes acidity) in the body forming water, reduces inflammation, aids the insulin mechanism to work properly and clears the detoxification pathways. This will also help to lose a small amount of weight by adjusting the insulin mechanism and clearing the detoxification pathways.   It is important to know that losing weight is a process and those who maintain successful weight loss usually do it slowly for long term results