By: Dr. Keith Kantor


What are some ways for parents to make healthy snacks kid-friendly?

Snacks for kids have to appeal to the eye. I have found the most success with setting up a child’s lunch/snack is like an appetizer sampler in a Bento Box. A Bento Box is a container with multiple compartments. Try to include protein, healthy fats and color: fruit/veggie in each meal. Let your kids pick out their fruit options, vegetable options, and have a big part in the planning process.

Always pack water over juice. All people should drink at least one half their body weight in ounces of water per day, even more if active. All natural hydroxide alkaline water is even better at reducing chances of being fatigued or dehydrated. The best one I found is AQUA-OH! It actually eliminated acids (H+ ions) by the hydroxide ions (OH_) combining with the H+ ion forming water. This drastically reduces inflammation (caused by acidity), much of which comes from sugar. It also helps clear the detoxifications pathways which is good for everyone. Since it comes as a concentrate let the children make it with you. They can add fruits and/or stevia. This helps them take ownership of the water.


What are some ideas for lunchboxes that kids can make themselves?

Some lunch examples include:

  1. Hummus, chopped veggies, rolled nitrate free cold cuts, and almond thin crackers or pita chips.
  2. “Make your own pizza” pita bread, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spinach, turkey pepperoni, with a side of fruit.
  3. Yogurt parfait- Greek yogurt with rolled oats or a low sugar granola, fresh fruit and chopped nuts.
  4. Sliced apples, peanut or almond butter, hardboiled egg, 1-2 oz. cheese, and mini English muffin or bagel.
  5. Corn Chips, guacamole, salsa, rolled chicken nitrate free deli meat, and ¼ c trail mix with dried fruit and nuts.
  6. Black bean soup (or chili, or vegetable soup) in a thermos, wheat crackers and chopped fruit.
  7. Cold cut sandwich on Ezekiel bread with veggies and hummus with a side of chopped fruit and 1-2 tbsp. nuts.
  8. Chopped fruit, nut butter and a homemade protein muffin.
  9. Chicken or tuna salad with wheat crackers, spinach, and a side of chopped fruit.


How can parents keep healthy snacks from getting boring?

Keep changing it up and scroll through different snack ideas and ask if your child would want to try some of the options pictured. Kids love color, shapes, presentation and they want to feel like they are part of the planning process. Bring your kids shopping and let them pick out their options within healthy parameters.