Can you really eat anything on cheat days?  Why or why not?

Cheat days are a day to give yourself a mental break from a nutritional plan, it is a day where you don’t need to adhere to a specific schedule or macro nutrient ratios. That being said, you don’t want to unwind a week worth of healthy eating to gorge on junk food and overeat. If you are that deprived that you want to binge on everything you see then you may not be eating enough or the right things on your day-to-day nutrition plan. You could be experiencing a nutrient, vitamin or mineral deficiencies if your cravings are unbearable.

I suggest making a cheat day plan, enjoy a treat, meal, restaurant, etc. that you have been craving and be a little more liberal with your other meals throughout that day, avoid overeating to simple overeat. If you binge too much you can set yourself up for gastrointestinal distress and developing eating disorder behaviors. A healthy relationship with food and eating can only be achieved through a lifestyle of balance. If you have a physique goal of achieving a certain level of leanness, give your body time to adapt slowly, avoid the dieters quick fix mentality. Make changes progressively and slowly for long-term results and to avoid metabolic damage like adrenal fatigue, thyroid disease or hormone imbalances.