NBC.com was looking for insights on what positive eating habits can be
learned from doing the Whole30, what to keep in mind that may be
detrimental and if you are going to do it, how to reintroduce
foods into your diet in a healthy way that sets you up for
lasting success.

Dr. Kantor’s Review…

The Whole30 program is a great program that can be done long term.  This program teaches individuals how to eliminate processed and unhealthy packaged foods from their diet.  The boundaries are somewhat rigid but this diet does not promote calorie counting or unhealthy eating disorder obsessive behaviors like other very restrictive programs do.

The Whole30 program will make you more aware of how processed foods make you feel and you may be sick if you re introduce them too quickly. If you want to re-introduce the foods you eliminated on the Whole30 program upon your completion do it slowly, re-introduce one food every 4-5 days and take note of how the food makes you feel.  If you have skin bumps, upset stomach, etc.  you should eliminate the food for a longer time.

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