NatraTech Also To Serve As The Exclusive National Retailer Distributor of AQUA OH-!  


Suwanee, GA/July 25, 2016 – Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating & Drinking (NAMED), a nutritional program that works with addiction withdrawal announces that it has formed a strategic alliance with NatraTech, LLC (, a company dedicated to optimal health, disease prevention, and improving the quality of life in a holistic and natural way. In addition, NatraTech, LLC will also serve as the exclusive national distributor of AQUA OH-! developed by Optimal Harmony Water. AQUA OH-! neutralizes acids and prevents them from disrupting molecules in the bloodstream by converting acids back to simple water for excretion. This makes more oxygen available in the bloodstream and greatly reduces inflammation. NatraTech, LLC will be the only place that individuals can obtain AQUA OH-! without going through a health professional. Dr. Kantor serves as the national spokesperson for AQUA OH-!.


“We are very excited about this strategic alliance with NatraTech, LLC,” said Dr. Keith Kantor, founder of NAMED. “Our two companies have the same mission in advancing optimal health through healthy lifestyle choices that include diet and nutrition.


“This dedication to a healthy lifestyle is demonstrated by our two companies involvement with AQUA OH-!,” continued Dr. Kantor. “A proper diet and nutrition are strong weapons in treating various diseases, AQUA OH-! gives us an additional tool to fight with and NatraTech, is the perfect place for individuals who would like to quickly and conveniently purchase this product without having to go through a health professional.” Even though one can purchaseAqua OH-without going through a health professional, they will still get a phone call or detailed email from NatraTech on how to useAqua OH-properly, to avoid any possible misuse.


NatraTech, LLC is dedicated to optimal health, prevention of disease, and improving quality of life. The company was founded in 2004 by Joe Perry, who is a nationally renowned health and weight loss expert. He and his products have helped more than a million people achieve better health.


NatraTech has formulated high quality nutritional products, weight loss programs and offers educational materials for multiple market segments, including health professionals.


NatraTech’s mission:


  • Treat the cause – not the symptom.
  • Formulate & market the highest quality nutritional products, specifically designed to restore healthy metabolic function.
  • Empower people to live a healthier life.
  • Provide the latest information on health and wellness from an integrative (natural and traditional) perspective.


Joe Perry, the founder of NatraTech, LLC has been an entrepreneur and executive in the health and fitness industry for more than 30 years. He has extensive experience in corporate start-up, product development & formulation, manufacturing, operations, sales and marketing strategies & implementation: including substantial experience in network marketing.



AQUA OH-! Will be available nationally in late July of 2016. The drink will be available in 16 ounce, quart, and gallon sizes.


Developed by Dr. Kantor, a leader in nutritional science, NAMED develops precise nutritional menus for those undergoing substance abuse recovery. The program is the only one in the world that concentrates on not stimulating the opiate receptors or even suppressing them naturally through specially designed menus. This lowers the cravings for the abused drug, increases the success rate and lowers the relapse rate. The program also lowers the inflammation in our bodies, which causes the insulin production mechanism in our bodies to work improperly. Menus are added all the time and research is constantly ongoing to find natural ways to not stimulate or even suppress the opiate receptors plus balance the body’s pH to help prevent inflammation. The system works in a controlled environment in conjunction with conventional methods such as counseling, exercise, meditation, education and amino acid nutritional therapy. The concept behind the NAMED program is to increase the success rate of withdrawal and lower the relapse rate.


Once the patient is discharged from an addiction facility, they will be given a code so they can enter the website ( and continue to get menus and recipes which will continue to lower the relapse rate. They will also have access toAqua OH-water, which will help balance their pH and help prevent inflammation, which will also help lower the relapse rate.


NAMED now works with Intensive Outpatient Clinics using the same system. NAMED now also works with Medical Professionals treating substance abuse. This allows us to be in every place a person with substance abuse may go.


A new program that is getting a lot of attention, especially from NAMI, is NAMED works with Medical Professionals that are treating many other mental illnesses. Here the menus are designed to affect specific chemicals that influence the disease, not the opiate receptors. An example is Anxiety Disorder. Those with Anxiety Disorder do not have enough serotonin or melatonin. The menus will provide that, thus aiding in fighting the disease.


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