Dr. Kantor was featured on TheHealthHub Podcast …

In this episode we speak with Dr. Keith Kantor about the Role of Nutrition in Fighting Addiction. Dr. Kantor is an influential and highly successful business entrepreneur, a medical professional, a certified wellness specialist, and a leading voice in the Health and Wellness industries with over thirty-five years of professional experience. He is widely considered to be among the preeminent experts in all-natural foods, the premier doctor in correlating nutritional food science with preventing and mitigating disease, and a seasoned executive offering expertise in entrepreneurship, marketing strategies, and start-up development. He has led a congressionally appointed Blue Ribbon panel on the decreasing healthcare costs and chaired the 2013 annual Corporate Wellness Association conference that was attended by over 30,000 executives and medical professionals. This is in addition to publishing two best-selling books and receiving a multitude of awards and accolades throughout the duration of his career. He is also a decorated officer in the United States Marine Corp. and served in the reserves until April 2016.

Learning Points:

• Tips for Sustainable Travel

• The Addiction Mechanism

• Common Causes of Addiction

• The Role of Nutrition in Fighting Addiction


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