By: Dr. Keith Kantor


Gout is caused by an excess of uric acid , by consuming these foods you can decrease the formation of uric acid and gout flare ups.


Apples- they are enriched with malic acid, they neutralize uric acid in the blood stream. This gives relief to the patients who are suffering froma high uric acid condition.



Apple Cider vinegar- 3 tablespoons daily diluted in water can help reduce uric acid levels naturally.


Increase water consumption- It helps to naturally flush out toxins, hydroxide water is the best at reducing all acid levels in the body.


Cherries- As they have anti-inflammatory nutrients referred to as anthocyanins, it helps in reducing uric acid levels. They also prevent uric acid from crystallizing and getting deposited in the joints, reducing pain and inflammation.



Berries- the anti-inflammatory properties help to naturally reduce uric acid levels.


Limes- As lime juice contains citric acid, which is a solvent of uric acid, adding it to your daily diet is helpful in preventing high uric acid level.



Pinto Beans- Pinto beans are loaded with folic acid which helps in lowering uric acid naturally. You can also eat sunflower seeds and lentils to reduce the risk of high levels of uric acid.



Green Tea- Drinking green tea daily helps in controlling hyperuricemia or high uric acid levels and also lowers the risk of developing gout.