Whether you’re still looking to lose more weight or you’ve already reached your goal, there are some really basic things you can do to keep yourself from regaining weight–so basic that sometimes, people don’t even think to do them.

I’m looking for suggestions from experts on simple strategies for maintaining
weight (i.e. weighing yourself regularly, tracking your food intake, but also ideally less obvious ones!)


By: Dr. Keith Kantor


Set boundaries on eating out, limit yourself to only eating out 1-2 times per week. Eating out can be convenient, a social experience and easy when you are in a time crunch. Consuming foods out can pack on extra calories, sugar, sodium and processed fats. Plan out your weeks and try to avoid making last minute meal plans, you will avoid unwanted weight gain and water retention.


Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Waking up and drinking a large glass of water will help increase your energy, hydrate you after an entire night of no water and it most importantly transports nutrients to your cells and organs for optimal metabolism. I prefer hydroxide water made from pure limestone, this water fights inflammation by reducing acid in the body.


Keep your added sugar to under10 grams per day. Sugar can be sneaky and slip into our diets without us realizing it. Sugar is in nutrition bars, cold pressed juices, raw honey, pure maple syrup, jams, yogurt, etc.   Log your food and make sure you are not adding more than 10 grams of sugar daily. When your sugar consumption is low you will not experiences those spikes and crashes of insulin and you will not crave carbohydrates and sugar as much. Please note, the natural sugar from fruit or vegetables does NOT count as added sugar; feel free to enjoy moderate portions of fruit.