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Dr. Keith Kantor, PhD in Nutritional Science, a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine


What is the lower limit for a sustainable number of calories you should eat per day (~1,200? or maybe it’s based on your BMR?)

The standard rule of thumb is that 1200 calories per day is the minimum number of calories a person should eat to get in enough nutrients, but this is only an estimation and could cause under feeding in someone who has a higher BMR (basal metabolic rate) and/or activity level. Cutting calories too low may only work at first and then over time it causes the body to get used to eating less and it adapts to the lower number of calories resulting in a slower metabolism and a much more difficult time losing weight and body fat.


What is the safe number of calories per day you should cut if you want to lose weight? (General guideline is fine as obviously different body weights/genders/age/etc. require different amount of calories) a 500 calorie deficient below BMR will promote one pound of fat loss per week according to the theory that one pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories.

Briefly explain why cutting back on calories too much is not a safe way to lose weight/how it can backfire. Our body wants to adapt and get comfortable in the state that it is in. If we cut back on calories it will learn to survive off of less calories and over time it will reach a plateau and stop losing weight and body fat. When this happens people tend to be very frustrated and cut back on even more calories and will reach another plateau, over time they will train their metabolism and hormones to survive in a constant state of stress, making it will be nearly impossible to drop unwanted pounds and body fat.

Please share a symptom that reveals a dieter may have cut back on calories too much.  Headaches? Exhaustion? Changes in bowel movements? Struggling in workouts? 

We should feel good every day, full of energy and able to easily complete our daily activities without much struggle. If you are feeling weak, or have brain fog, depression, using the restroom less often, and your energy feels low you may be suffering from a nutrient deficiency and/or hormonal imbalance most likely a result of too few calories. Our metabolism can slow down when it is not being fueled properly, consuming optimal amount of nutrients will promote a healthy metabolism that goes along with improved energy and neurological function.

Your skin, hair, nails and/or eyes seem dull or brittle, and you get sick more often than normal. Our immune system needs enough macronutrients from carbohydrates, protein, and fat to repair muscles and replenish them from daily metabolic strains from activity. We also need a certain amount of micronutrients that are vitamins and minerals to keep up with our body and living cells growing, when we have a nutrient deficiency our eyes appear less bright, our hair does not shine as much, and we can get sick more often because our immune system is not strong enough to fight off common sicknesses.