By: Dr. Keith Kantor

Absolutely, water is often overlooked as a weight loss tool. When our body is adequately hydrated nutrients are transported easily throughout the body, giving us energy and reducing our risk for dehydration and it’s side effects like headaches, decreased performance and brain fog. We often mistake our first sign of dehydration as hunger, which causes us to consume unwanted calories that could contribute to weight gain. I recommend drinking at least half of your body weight in alkaline hydroxide water each day, meaning no added sweeteners or flavors that could cause the pancreas to release insulin reducing the health benefits of water.

We’re looking to talk to an expert who can discuss hydration and the role it plays in weight loss (if any).

Water, specifically alkaline hydroxide water reduces inflammation by eliminating acid in the body. In addition to helping maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage weight naturally this type of water can help reduce cravings, aches, pains and illnesses that are directly related to inflammation.


We want to do a bit of myth busting (do you need 8 glasses), as well as help people adopt smart strategies to keep sipping water throughout the day.

As mentioned above I recommend for people to drink at least half of their body weight in ounces of water per day. This number would increase if you are outside sweating more then normal or exercise intensely every day.

I encourage people to buy a container that is at least 24 or more ounces and measure their intake by refilling it throughout the day until they reach their goal. I prefer stainless or glass options, as these are the safest. If you are not a fan of the taste of water add fresh fruit, herbs, etc, to your water and place it in a pitcher in the fridge and let sit overnight, your water will taste like you are at a fine resort and spa.