With Keto diets, obviously you never eat
 pasta and bread-things that are clearly off limits on the
diet–but how about some foods that are technically OK, and you should
still avoid them–and WHY?  What are these foods?

By: Dr. Keith Kantor

Red wine appears on a few of the keto approved food list but in order to experience the benefits of being in ketosis red wine should not be regularly consumed. Alcohol can hinder the body’s ability to effectively burn fat as fuel like it normally would if alcohol was not present in the body.

Dark Chocolate also appears of approved keto food lists but this should also be avoided or only consumed as a special treat not regularly. Even the highest percent of dark chocolate has some sugar in it and if your body has a difficult time remaining in ketosis it will throw you off excluding you from the health benefits of being in ketosis.

Excessive dairy should be avoided, a little cheese here and there is fine but consuming excessive dairy simply because it is low carb is not recommended. Dairy is a very common intolerance, if it is not full blown lactose intolerance you could still have low grade inflammation resulting in hormone imbalances throwing your metabolism into a sub optimal state making ketosis difficult to obtain.

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