What are the pantry staples for the following diets and
 WHY do each of them work?

By: Dr. Keith Kantor

Keto diet – coconut/avocado oil, nuts, seeds, cacao powder, dark chocolate, protein powder, coffee, tea, beef jerky. These items are all low carb and high in natural unprocessed fats making meals taste good and they will keep you feeling full for longer. The main source of flavor for the keto diet is fats, stocking up on healthy fats can increase the taste of meals and snacks while adhering to the low carbohydrate recommendations to remain in ketosis.

Paleo diet- almond flour, raw honey, coconut flour, beef jerky, nut butter, full fat coconut milk, coffee, and/or tea. The main difference of ketogenic and paleo diets is ketogenic allows dairy and paleo allows unprocessed carbohydrates like potatoes and/or raw honey or pure maple syrup. Using whole unprocessed sweeteners like honey or pure maple syrup are absorbed more easily by the body while enhancing the taste of foods without artificial ingredients.

Mediterranean diet- extra virgin olive oil, olives, sun dried tomatoes, dried herbs and spices, flax seeds, nuts, and brown rice. This plan contains a lot of fresh fish and vegetables, the oils, and herbs and spices will enhance the enjoy ability of meals. The heart healthy fats are not only good for you they help suppress appetite.

Intermittent fasting- This lifestyle typically follows a ketogenic low carb lifestyle for optimal results. See Ketogenic pantry list
Vegan diet- beans, vegetable broth, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, lentils, quinoa, herbal tea, vegan protein powder, herbs and spices. These items provide heart healthy fats for cooking vegetables, protein to supplement if daily goal is not met, vegetarian protein options like beans, lentils, and grains are also staples in the vegan diet plan.

Vegetarian diet– all vegan pantry listed items and if tolerated or more preferable in taste a whey protein powder option compared to the vegan protein listed. The vegetarian pantry staples are not any different than the vegan options, the difference between the 2 diets are with perishable items like milk, eggs, cheese, etc.

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