The science behind “lactic acid.”¬† Check out Dr. Kantor’s latest peer reviewed article.

Abstract:¬†Part One in this series: “The lactate/lactic acid debate-an outsider’s perspective” (1) established that hydrogen proton buildup is the most likely cause of exercise induced acidosis whether or not it is accompanied by an equal buildup of lactate. Although Roberg’s theory is the most promising because it lays out a geometric ratio as established in Part One, this understanding is not necessary for the purposes of this article. The question at hand is what can alleviate the buildup of hydrogen protons or prevent it from happening in the first place? The physical world is filled with opposite pairs-light and dark, fire and water, or expanding and contracting, for example. Water itself can be seen as a duality. It can be both an acid and a base because it is a polar molecule that has both a negative and a positive side (pole) that do not cancel each other out.
(PDF) Exercise induced acidosis mitigation and prevention-an outsider’s perspective. Available from:’s_perspective [accessed Oct 02 2018].