Besides curbing eating out frequently, what else can people do to eat happy and healthily?

Foods that are in season tend to be cheaper, choosing in season produce, (i.e. Berries, tomatoes, squash in the summer, grapefruit and oranges in the winter, etc.) Also, buying in bulk, especially meat, poultry and seafood can help reduce cost in the long run, if stored properly the frozen shelf life can be up to a year. If you have a local farm with grass fed cattle consider going in on purchasing an entire cow and split the meat with other families to save cost and for better quality meat overall.


What tools can they employ to both save money while managing weight / eating well? 

Take a cooking class and learn how to make food taste good with herbs, spices and sauces from scratch. Eating a home cooked meal is almost always healthier and less expensive than eating out. This will promote enthusiasm around cooking and save you from harmful ingredients in processed foods or convenient foods. Cooking is becoming a lost art, and it truly is the gateway to health, we must find enjoyment in our meals and not feel like we are dieting.

How can you curb the desire to get delivery based on a feeling that it is ‘deserved?’ 

Getting healthy foods delivered from quality restaurants should be enjoyed occasionally. I would set a boundary on how often you allow yourself to get delivery (i.e. twice per month or once per week) and stick to it, that way you will not slide into bad habits of getting take out or delivered foods often.

What foods can you keep around the house to combat cravings to order take out? Specifically fresh food? We typically crave take out when we are exhausted and simply do not have energy to prepare food. You can combat this by pre washing, chopping and unpacking your groceries as soon as you get home. If you have foods that are ready to grab in the fridge you will not feel like it is exhausting to enjoy them. Keep leftovers around, or pre-portioned cups of hummus or guacamole,d these are “snack like” options without any guilt if you get munchies. Hard boil eggs or grill some protein to also have those options ready to grab and throw together a simple meal.

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