By: Dr. Keith Kantor for Consumer Health Digest

Most people are not fully aware of the correlation of alcohol and its negative influence on the health and appearance of your skin. It is common knowledge that alcohol will dehydrate you and your skin, and you have to rehydrate well with water but there are several other factors that go into the appearance of your skin and alcohol consumption.

First of all, alcohol creates inflammation throughout the entire body including your largest organ, your skin. Some common traits of skin damage from alcohol include enlarged pores, discoloration of the skin, dull in appearance, droopy fine lines, and less resilience.

The toxin released into the body from alcohol consumption will dilate the pores resulting in increased black heads and pimples. If the pores are chronically dilated like this is can resulting in cystic acnes and permanent scarring which is a common trait of alcoholics.

It is common for alcoholics to appeared red and flushed, this is because alcohol increases the width of blood vessels near the face, bringing more blood flow to this area even resulting in destroyed capillaries in the face. It is normal for someone under the influence to have a warm feeling in their face and upper chest area, due to the increased blood flow and larger blood vessels.

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