1. What’s your favorite healthy/snack meal
    that can be purchased in the terminal?
    Healthy snacks include nuts or seeds, fresh fruit, or what coffee shops call “ a protein plate” this is a container with
    Hard boiled egg, natural peanut butter, apples, grapes, cheese, etc. Some busier airports even have chopped vegetables with hummus or guacamole. Higher end big name coffee shops typically have healthier snack options along with unhealthy options. Don’t be fooled by high sugar nutrition bars that are marketed as healthy, these are like candy bars with a little added protein and several preservatives.

    Healthy meals include salad with protein like eggs or chicken, a bun less burger, bun less chicken sandwich or even bread less breakfast sandwich. Sometimes if you were in a smaller airport that does not have as many options, you have to be creative with what you order and skip the starchy carbohydrates and stick with proteins, vegetables and healthy fats.

    And, any tips for how you know what’s healthy and what’s a nightmare or how to avoid tempting, but deeply unhealthy, snack options?
    Avoid foods that are fried or contain a lot of sugar (sugar can be found on the nutrition label, too much would be anything above 10 grams).   Try to incorporate vegetables, fruits and proteins into your meal if possible.

If possible have a healthy balanced meal containing protein (chicken, seafood, eggs, un-sweet yogurt, etc.) and fibrous carbohydrates, like vegetables and fruits before you arrive to the airport so you’re not tempted with all of the junk food options at the different restaurants in the terminals. If eating before is not possible, then come up the plan on what you are going to eat. You can also have healthy snacks, like nuts or seeds or fresh fruit and vegetables with you to munch on.