Skin Tags are also referred to as Acrochordon. Skin tags are benign skin outgrowths, a condition that appears to be a loose piece of skin that hangs off the body. They can show up anywhere but are most common in the areas of skin that rub together like the inner thighs, armpit areas, or under the chest.

They are common in those who are overweight, obese, diabetic, pregnant women due to their dramatic change in hormones, and those who have chronically used steroids.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?

Research shows that skin tags are common, and according to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), it is estimated that 46% of people have skin tags.

Aside from being ugly and annoying because of rubbing on jewelry or clothes, most skin tags are harmless, but it is important to have a dermatologist diagnose the skin tag as not cancerous (benign) before you attempt to remove* them at home using natural remedies.

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