Have you ever heard of the Octavia Diet? Here is my review….

What is it? A lifestyle nutrition plan, that offers somewhat individual plans that cater to the person’s goals, lifestyle, and demographics.  The plan offers a substantial amount of supplements and coaching as support.

 Is it healthy? Some reviews state that it is too low in calorie, but I think that if the coaching is utilized properly the calorie needs would fit within a healthy range making it healthy for anyone to follow and not too low calorie or carbohydrate. Their mission on the web site states a long term approach to weight loss and health, this is unlike most programs, and I think that this is a healthy and positive approach to lead new people with.

Would you recommend it (why or why not)? I think that if the plan and coaching is used optimally this would be a healthy diet to follow with an end goal of transitioning to healthy eating and lifestyle practices.

Reference: https://health.usnews.com/best-diet/optavia-diet/reviews



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