Will Provide NAMED Menus To Beacon Counseling Patients

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Suwanee, GA/April 4, 2016 – Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating & Drinking (NAMED), a nutritional program that works with addiction withdrawal announces that it has formed a strategic alliance and has been endorsed by Jessica Camp and Beacon Counseling, a Georgia based counseling firm. Camp specializes in assisting children, adolescents and adults, experiencing difficult transitions and emotional hindrances. Her practice focus includes anxiety, mood and personality disorders, grief/loss, addiction issues, parenting and life coaching. With this partnership, NAMED will be providing menus for Beacon Counseling’s patients who are battling with a variety of addictions and personality disorders. Additionally, their patients will be able to email NAMED’s founder, Dr. Keith Kantor with questions regarding their nutritional menu, and also will be able to refine their menus, and even speak with him if needed. This will provide Beacon Consulting with a new tool to fight these diseases that are defined by the National Association on Mental Illness (NAMI) as a form of mental illness. Jessica Camp and Beacon Counseling will have the exclusive to use Named Program for Mental Illness in Metro Atlanta. This will help the program grow much more quickly and in an organized manner. It will also help tens of thousands suffering from mental illness.

“We are very proud to be teaming up with Jessica Camp and Beacon Consulting in providing their personnel and patients with an added tool to combat these diseases that affect far too many Americans,” said Dr. Keith Kantor, founder of NAMED. “A proper diet and nutrition is a strong weapon in treating the various diseases that fall under the category of mental illness.
“What was so important about finding Jessica Camp and Beacon Counseling was not just that she is a great experienced therapist with a rapidly growing accomplished practice but she was actively seeking and truly believes in natural methods to aid her patients,” continued Dr. Kantor. “So having a strategic partnership and being endorsed by Jessica Camp and Beacon Counseling is a great honor. We were also very excited she accepted a position on our advisory board. The most important part is now NAMED PROGRAM helps patients that are in all three therapeutic areas: Addiction and rehabilitation centers, Intensive Outpatient programs and those working with individual therapists. Although no one area is more important than another, those working with individual therapists is by far the area with the most participants.”
Based in John Creeks and Cumming, Georgia, Beacon Counseling under Jessica Camp premiere psychological practice that offers leading edge psychological strategies in dealing with mental illness and personality disorders. Beacon Counseling and its personnel offer personalized services to deal with the stress and anxiety that people are constantly experiencing. The partnership with NAMED will provide them an additional tool in their mission.

Developed by Dr. Kantor, a leader in nutritional science, NAMED develops precise nutritional menus for those undergoing substance abuse recovery. The program is the only one in the world that concentrates on not stimulating the opiate receptors or even suppressing them naturally through specially designed menus. This lowers the cravings for the abused drug, increases the success rate and lowers the relapse rate. The program also lowers the inflammation in our bodies, which causes the insulin production mechanism in our bodies to work improperly. Menus are added all the time and research is constantly ongoing to find natural ways to not stimulate or even suppress the opiate receptors plus balance the body’s Ph to help prevent inflammation. The system works in a controlled environment in conjunction with conventional methods such as counseling, exercise, meditation, education and amino acid nutritional therapy. The concept behind the NAMED program is to increase the success rate of withdrawal and lower the relapse rate.

Once the patient is discharged from an addiction facility, they will be given a code so they can enter the website (www.namedprogram.com) and continue to get menus and recipes which will continue to lower the relapse rate. They will also have access to stable alkaline water (Aqua OH-), which will help balance their Ph and help prevent inflammation, which will also help lower the relapse rate.

Additional information on Beacon Counseling may be obtained at www.beaconcounselingllc.com

Additional information on the NAMED. program may be obtained at www.namedprogram.com or www.drkeithkantor.com.