Tseng Working To Spread NAMED Mission

Suwanee, GA/October 14, 2015 – Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating & Drinking (NAMED), a nutritional program that works with addiction withdrawal announces that it is partnering with the nationally renowned, Danny Tseng of Brain for Humanity. Located in Delray Beach, Florida, Brain for Humanity is considered a leading business in teaching people how and why to be responsible and take control of their own safety and well-being. Tseng is known as the happiness expert and believes that the NAMED program will benefit millions and allow them to take charge of their lives and live a happy and well-rounded life. Studies show that nutrition and its effects on the body are often overlooked, underestimating the powerful effect that being properly nourished has on the overall metabolism, organ function and mental health. This is especially true for those overcoming addiction. Under the NAMED program, precise nutritional plans and menus are developed that will keep the body functioning at its optimal level reducing symptoms and complications of addiction recovery. The program was developed by Dr. Keith Kantor, a bestselling author and internationally renowned PhD in nutritional science known as the leading expert on using natural foods to mitigate disease in the United States. The program is aimed for recovering individuals who are undergoing substance abuse recovery in a facility and works in tangent with those programs.


“We are delighted to be working with Brain for Humanity, one of the most trusted names in creating personal happiness and responsibility,” said Dr. Keith Kantor, founder of NAMED. “Danny Tseng, the happiness experts sees the potential that NAMED can have in helping to promote and maintain happiness through a healthy and nutritional diet. We are very proud he picked NAMED to work with.”


Tseng is passionate about inspiring and showing others how (and why) to cultivate a calm and stable mind as well as develop compassion and a good heart by being fully responsible for one’s self. This is done primarily by mastering toxin avoidance, maximizing nutrition, whole body detoxification, physical hazards identification, lojong (Tibetan for “thought transformation”), wise habits & decision-making, and self-control through continuous mindfulness.

Danny has 3 books coming out, with “How To Die Of Nothing” being the hottest. More information on the books and Danny can be found at www.linkin.com/in/brainforhumanity and www.facebook.com/brainforhumanity.


Developed by Dr. Kantor, a leader in nutritional science, NAMED develops precise nutritional menus for those undergoing substance abuse recovery. The program is the only one in the world that concentrates on not stimulating the opiate receptors or even suppressing them naturally through specially designed menus. This lowers the cravings for the abused drug, increases the success rate and lowers the relapse rate. The program also lowers the inflammation in our bodies, which causes the insulin production mechanism in our bodies to malfunction. Menus are added all the time and research is constantly ongoing to find natural ways to not stimulate or even suppress the opiate receptors plus balance the body’s Ph to help prevent inflammation. The system works in a controlled environment in conjunction with conventional methods such as counseling, exercise, meditation, education and amino acid nutritional therapy. The concept behind the NAMED program is to increase the success rate of withdrawal and lower the relapse rate.


Once the patient is released from an addiction facility, they will be given a code so they can enter the website (www.namedprogram.com) and continue to get menus and recipes which will lower the relapse rate. They will also have access to the stable alkaline water (Aqua OH-), which will help balance their Ph and help prevent inflammation, which will also help lower the relapse rate.


Additional information on the NAMED. program may be obtained at www.namedprogram.com or www.dr.keithkantor.com.


To reach Danny Tseng use 786-441-2727 or email him at brainforhumanity@gmail.com.