People diagnosed with addiction and in the process of recovering from periods of substance use can often find themselves at a loss. When caught up in the non-stop process of addiction and withdrawal, it can be hard to keep track of life and find your path, losing contact with family and your own sense of health.

The path back from addiction is a rigorous and tough one, marrying clinically effective treatment and nutrition with sheer willpower – an amazing feat to accomplish. But what then? Many people turn to spirituality and alternative culture as a way to reconnect and find some sense of purpose, peace and calm.

Looking To The Universe

One way in which many people find a sense of purpose in the world is through the storied art of fortune telling. Whilst some are quick to decry it, when taken at a personal level, tarot cards can provide a path to real introspection and soul-searching. They allow people to be assured the universe has a path for them and some guidance on where their life leads next, through each small detail – day by day. Tarot is a way to encourage introspection. As a skill and practice, introspection is lauded by psychologists as key for mental health and addiction recovery.

Spirituality Through Nature

Linked to tarot but a little more in general terms, spirituality in terms of nature is the ability of your mind to have calm and connect with the natural world around. You might have seen this referenced in numerous works – from the holy spirit in Christianity, even through to ‘the force’ in the Star Wars films. It all stems from the idea that the world is living around us and we’re just a part of it. This thinking often gives a sense of calm and tranquility to people as they find better ways to deal with strong emotions and urges, and is again recommended by psychologists. AA have used spirituality for decades as a guiding force, which many have wrongly attributed to religion when it is in fact just about finding your inner self.

When the whirlwind of a bad situation ends and you’re left with the debris, life can feel desolate and without a path. Through investing in yourself, meditating with guided help and looking for inner peace, you can rebuild a sense of purpose and tranquility when perhaps you felt you needed it the most.