Guest Blog Post: Jill Anderson

The best time to start focusing on your head-to-toe health was yesterday. The next best time is today. If you lead a busy life, it’s intimidating to think about making extra time for fitness. Fortunately, overall health works like a set of building blocks. You can’t build a house until you’ve started the foundation. Here are some of the best ways to start building that foundation and work to improve your health today.


Take a moment to relax


Yes, you’re busy. You have deadlines, appointments, meetings, and social events – and that’s just you! That doesn’t even take into account your kids’ obligations. Taking time to relax may seem like nothing more than a luxury you can’t afford.


However, that’s not true. In fact, relaxation is more than a luxury. It’s a necessity. However you choose to relax, it’s important to take time to do so because it helps you manage stress. Stress, as we all know, is a leading cause of a myriad of health problems from sleep difficulties, high blood pressure, immune deficiency, and even skin problems.


Take a step to quit a bad habit


There’s very little that’s worse for your health than smoking. Today is the day you begin the journey to smoking cessation. Within 20 minutes of your last cigarette, your pulse and blood pressure will return to normal. Within just 8 hours, the levels of nicotine in your system will decrease by a whopping 94%. Over time, you’ll reduce the risk of cancer, emphysema, and heart disease.


If your “bad habits” have reached the point of drug and alcohol addiction or dependency, it may be time to get help. You can make the decision today to get yourself on the right path.


Replace your soda with water


There’s nothing that makes your body run better than getting enough water, and there’s nothing that makes you body run worse than excess sugar and in the long run, obesity. Throwing away your Mountain Dew and instead drinking water is the first step to managing your weight. It’s a diet tip that doesn’t involve a huge lifestyle modification and you don’t even have to pick up a pot or a pan to do it.


Say no to the elevator


When you’re confronted with these options – ride the elevator, ride the escalator, or take the stairs – always choose the latter. Over time, you’ll be shocked at how many more steps you’ll accumulate if you just opt for the stairs when the option is available. Not only does taking the stairs help you maintain a healthier weight, but it will get your blood flowing and reduce the risk of diseases and sudden conditions known to spring from a sedentary lifestyle.


Protect yourself from the sun


We need sunlight to boost levels of Vitamin D in your bodies, but too much sun is as dangerous and not getting enough. If you’re out in the sun, wear sunscreen. Even if it’s cold or cloudy, you still need to protect yourself from prolonged exposure to UV rays. One in five people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Simple sunscreen application can reduce this risk. Also, don’t forget about your eyes. They need protection too. To prevent vision loss and macular degeneration, remember to wear your sunglasses.


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