By Dr. Keith Kantor


Water is essential for good health. You should drink one half you body weight in ounces per day to help your body maintain good health. The question is what type of water to drink. Besides being clean and pure what else is important.

One needs to understand Ph to help with this question. Ph stands for the potential of Hydrogen. The more free Hydrogen ions in the water the lower the Ph. A Ph below 7 is considered acidic and above 7 is considered alkaline. The body maintains a Ph of 7.35-7.45 for optimal health. This is slightly alkaline and the body has mechanisms in place to maintain this Ph. The problem is the western diet is very acidic and this makes the body work much harder to maintain the correct Ph for optimal health.

So the Alkaline water market was born to help the body maintain the correct Ph. The problem is that drinking Alkaline water will not change the body’s Ph, unless we had huge quantities which would be hard to consume and would cause other problems. What we need to do is eliminate acids from our diets to allow the body to do its job and most alkaline waters do not emphasize this.

So Let’s first go over the CONS of Alkaline water.

  1. Many Alkaline waters are made with tap water which in many areas in not very healthy.
  2. Most alkaline waters have a higher Ph but as I said you cannot consume enough to change the Ph of the body. If you had that much it would cause other health problems.
  3. Most alkaline waters rely on minerals/electrolytes(like sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) to reach their higher Ph. These minerals may not be good for the body under certain conditions.
  4. Many alkaline waters use ionization (forced electro-magnetic ionization), which denatures water rather than using natural ionization.
  5. The negative ions produced by this type of ionization are not long lasting like naturally produced negative ions.
  6. Some alkaline waters use more than one type of negative ion, the interaction of the multiple different negative ions can and will counteract any potential benefit.

The reason I am mentioning negative ions is because research shows the acidity which causes acidosis, which causes inflammation comes from the Hydrogen proton (H+) and the negative ions are suppose to help counteract that. Remember it is the acid we want to remove not change the Ph.

  1. Many alkaline waters rely on sodium bicarbonate which can lead to too much sodium. The body produces sodium Bicarbonate on its own to help maintain the proper Ph.
  2. The way most alkaline waters are produced they do not eliminate the acid, they only buffer it (which is better than doing nothing) but not the optimal answer.


Now let’s go over the PROS of alkaline water.


  1. It can provide the body with minerals/electrolytes that are depleted during the day.
  2. It does make the body’s job a little easier to maintain the proper Ph by negating some of the extra acid we consume every day.
  3. It does buffer the excess acid in the body and help reduce inflammation which the CDC says has an adverse affect on 85% of all chronic diseases.
  4. It helps hydrate the body by reducing some of the acidic load (from our western diet).
  5. The negative ions can potentially mitigate excess stomach acid.


My research has found the a pure hydroxide alkaline water, actually eliminates the acid instead of just buffering It. The Hydroxide ion (OH-) actually seeks out the Hydrogen proton (H+), which causes the acidity and forms water (H2O) which is eliminated from the body through urination. Eliminating the acid is much better than just buffering it. It is all natural, made from pure limestone, heated , cooled and reverse osmosis water is added, then filtered again to eliminate almost all calcium that is in the limestone. This leave a high alkaline hydroxide water that has none of the negatives and the big positive is eliminating the acid that causes inflammation naturally by simply forming water. The excess alkalinity is also eliminated during this process. This is what I use on my patients and it has been extremely successful. The actual brand I use is AQUA OH-!, it is the purest I found, all natural, has the smallest amount of minerals (natural calcium from the limestone(, and comes as a concentrate so it is 250%+ less expensive than all other alkaline waters and works better since it eliminates the acid instead of just buffering it.