CUR is a pure hydroxide water concentrate. The company exists to manufacture, promote, and distribute hydroxide water. Their mission is to make the words “hydroxide water” household terms. Made naturally from limestone, CUR is in fact alkalinity surpassed: hydroxide water perfected! This ground-breaking company is demonstrating how the best water is a simple product of nature thoroughly backed by science.

Feel the CUR and learn more about this dynamic super-alkaline water.CUR Logo


NatraTech is dedicated to the maintenance of optimal health, prevention of disease, and improving quality of life. We believe you will find the company to be a great partner in improving your health!

NatraTech CEO Joe Perry is a nationally renowned health and weight loss expert. He has been a high level executive in the nutritional and weight loss industry since 1974. He has developed several very successful health and nutritional programs, which have helped more than a million people achieve better health! One of Joe’s greatest passions is to help people improve their health. “It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge and tools that will empower you and your family to live a healthier life.”