Healthy Processed Foods?  

Pop Sugar asked Dr. Kantor if he could list healthy processed foods

By: Dr. Keith Kantor

There is a time and place for “healthy” processed foods.  A healthy processed food is something that has been processed with quality ingredients and should be consumed when there are no whole food options like during travel or when you are on the go.

Healthy Processed Food list

Quality protein powder/ meal replacement shake-

I love NatraTech Superfood Shake

Douglas Labs Klean Athlete Protein

Vega – vegan shake

Nutrition Bars

Epic Bar




Dark Chocolate

An organic low sugar 70% or more cocoa dark chocolate bar can curb cravings for the unhealthy options.

There are several brands on the market I like “Justin’s,” “Black and Green’s,” “Paleo Thin,” etc.

Vegetable Chips

Chips are the most processed foods out there and because of that they are addictive, we like the salty and crunchy qualities of chips.  If you want chips try vegetable chips as an alternative.  I like Platayuc Organic plantain chips, Inka Crop, Thrive are also good brands for sweet potato chips, etc.


Fresh vegetables are always better when you have something to dip them in.  Hummus and guacamole are great options for dips.

Ice Cream

I enjoy SoDelicious coconut milk no sugar added ice cream, it is dairy free and no sugar.  There are several options out there like this that you can enjoy,