Best Beverage to Combat the “Stress / Cortisol” Cycle

High Levels of Stress and Sleep Deprivation used as an Invisible Weapon Compromising our Health

By Dr. Keith Kantor
• High levels of stress and sleep deprivation (stress almost always causes sleep deprivation) can be used to induce acid-base disorders or to cause the person’s blood / body to be acidic. This can lead to inflammation. Inflammation leads to disease.
The body reacts by using its buffer system, macrominerals and minerals to control or counter the acidity.

  • So exposing someone to high levels of stress and sleep deprivation over long periods of time depletes the body’s buffer system or macrominerals, which makes it harder for it to control or counter the acidity. This in turn leads to inflammation as a precursor to many diseases compromising our immune system
    The body also takes macrominerals and minerals from the bone mass which can lead to osteoporosis.

High levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol and epinephrine, which raise the glucose levels in the blood, can cause ketoacidosis. One of the early symptoms is fatigue or feeling tired. One of the treatments for ketoacidosis is to correct the electrolytes imbalance . When blood glucose continues to increase the body goes into an energy crisis and starts to break down fat as an alternate energy source. As the fat is burned ketones are produced in the blood and as the ketones levels rise, the blood / body becomes more acidic (ketoacidosis). A diet high in sugar can also contribute to acidic blood. High levels of glucose in the blood can also slow down the cholesterol LDLs and make them sticky, which makes them build up much faster on the blood vessel walls.

High levels of stress which leads to body inflammation and sleep deprivation can be a deadly combination.

Stress -> Cortisol-> Glucose-> Hyperglycemia-> Ketoacidosis (Acidosis)

Hyperglycemia is When blood glucose levels keep rising to dangerous levels. Stress and sleep deprivation causes the central nervous system to become more active and this inhibits the pancreas from producing adequate insulin, the hormone used to control glucose levels in the blood. Some studies have concluded that stress and sleep deprivation can slow glucose metabolism by as much as 30 to 40%. Stress and sleep deprivation can also cause a high increase in cortisol levels, which can lead to hardening of the arteries, and excessive inflammation which can lead to or cause a heart attack. High levels of cortisol can also cause hypertension, muscle loss, increase fat storage, bone loss (osteoporosis), memory loss, depression, insulin resistance, and lowers the growth hormone (tissue repair), testosterone levels, and glycogen synthesis. Stress and sleep deprivation also causes the depletion of neurotransmitters in the brain resulting in irritability, mood swings, or a lack of control on emotions.

NEW beverage ELIMINATES acidity!

Most alkaline waters focus their attention on the minerals or electrolytes they add to water, and only secondarily mention negative ions or ionization, which indicates a form of hydroxide. AQUA OH! (a very pure hydroxide water) turns this formula on its head. AQUA OH! eliminates minerals while increasing the concentration of hydroxide, to become a hydroxide rich water. It is a shelf stable concentrate optimally calibrated so that one ounce added to a quart of distilled or reverse osmosis water produces a ready to drink hydroxide water solution with numerous benefits.


What’s so revolutionary about this approach? Minerals and electrolytes merely neutralize excess acid (H+) in the body through buffering but this does not eliminate the acid. The acid is still present. Hydroxide (OH), on the other hand, combines with acid (H+) turning it into harmless water (OH+ H+ = H2O) and therefore eliminates it completely. By eliminating acid instead of just buffering it, hydroxide prevents the excess acid from disrupting molecules in the bloodstream. This makes more oxygen available in the bloodstream and reduces acidosis, which most scientific studies say greatly reduces inflammation.


Made naturally from limestone, AQUA OH! uses the properties of water to unlock the hydroxide buried deep within this rock. Using the natural forces of heat and water, hydroxide ions are extracted from limestone and suspended in water. When ingested, these hydroxide ions help the body maintain its acid-base homeostasis. Hydroxide ions are powerful acid hunters and give the body the means by which to eliminate excess acids in the body instead of just buffering them as other alkaline waters do. The power in the hydroxide ions is that they seek out hydrogen protons (the cause of acidity) and combine with them to form harmless water. Because the body is so intimately acquainted with water, it instinctively knows how to utilize the hydroxide ions AQUA OH! provides to help restore the proper balance.


By moving beyond mere buffering of acid, to actually eliminating it, AQUA OH! is alkalinity surpassed: hydroxide water perfected. It has more free hydroxide than any other product on the market.


This will greatly reduce stress and sleep deprivation.


The concentrate is currently available in a quart size and can be obtained through NatraTech at or