• Probiotics- a supplement of healthy bacteria, these work to build up gut health and improve overall immune system. Most people suffer from some grade of gut inflammation, supplementing with probiotics along with a whole unprocessed food diet can improve overall health. Probiotics can also help build up good bacteria after being on antibiotics.

  • Supergreens- Super greens are a blend of potent plant extracts to provide vitamins and minerals that are often not consumed through food in the standard American diet. This is recommended to those who do not eat a variety of fruits and vegetables or those who have a compromised immune system.
  • Vitamin C- a vitamin that boost the immune system, and healing. Research shows that supplementing with vitamin C can improve post-surgery healing and symptoms of gout.
  • Maca powder- Maca is a root vegetable that is high in antioxidants and nutrients, such as vitamin C, copper and iron. It has been used medicinally for thousands of years and has been shown to enhance sexual health and libido, improve energy, mood, memory and balance hormone levels.
  • Adaptogens (ashwagandha)- herbal adaptagens have proven successful with several people, specifically those who have imbalances of cortisol output.   The supplement adapts to the body and its state and works to improve function in specific areas such as blood sugar, cancer, prevention, stress, depression, anxiety, and even improve hormone levels, such as boosting testosterone in men. I recommend adaptogens under the care of a qualified health professional.
  • Moon juice-is an herbal blend of “dust” that supposedly improves the immune system, anti-aging, improved sex life, and energy. This blend is a mix of herbal extracts typically from mushrooms and other plant extracts. The different types of moon juice effect people differently. There is not much scientific research behind this powder/juice, it is mostly personal testimonials.


  • Collagen powder- Improves the health of skin and nails, treats leaky gut syndrome and has anti-aging properties. It also reduces joint pain and degeneration.
  • Bone broth powder- Is high in magnesium, is an excellent source of natural minerals and aids in gut repair. It is used to treat leaky gut syndrome, overcome food intolerances and allergies, improve joint health, reduce cellulite and boost the immune system


  • mushroom/chaga tea- Is a supplement that boost immune system while reducing the risk for heart disease. It is antimicrobial due to high antioxidant profile, soothing for chronic pain like neuropathy, ulcers and gastritis. It has little to no side effects.
  • black seed oil- a oil with virtually no side effects and numerous healthy benefits, including reducing risk for cancer, prevention or management of diabetes, it’s antifungal and superbug potential, it aids in weight loss, improved liver health, and is healthy for hair, skin and nails.
  • ketones (exogenous ketones)- A supplement that helps a person who is following the ketogenic diet achieve ketosis faster, resulting in quicker weight loss. The success of this depends on the individual state of one’s metabolism, some may respond well and lose weight quickly and others may not. Some of my clients have reported stomach aches while taking these supplements.
    Whether they actually work and why (or why not), and where
    they might fit into your overall health routine is up to the individual and their health professional.
  • Since supplements are typically part of a holistic approach to one’s lifestyle, results may take longer than a pharmaceutical drug. Allow 12 weeks to notice results and like anything the supplements work best with a healthy lifestyle of exercise, stress relief, and a whole food unprocessed diet.Which brands of each powder are your top picks and why?
  • Not all supplements are created equal, it is best to purchase physician grade lines of supplements that have the GMP (good manufacturing stamp) on the container. Since supplements are not regulated by the FDA some may not contain the amounts of the ingredients they list and promote. Our favorite brands include NatraTech, Thorne, and Douglas Labs.