…if there were any foods that if people craved could indicate some type of addiction?

Indirectly yes, if one has strong cravings for certain foods there is very likely a metabolic imbalance. This imbalance could indicate a deficiency, ie. craving red meat could be an indication of an iron deficiency. As far as addiction goes, if one craves foods that stimulate the opiate receptors, such as simple sugars (candy, pastries, chocolate), processed fats (chips, fried foods, etc.) dairy, starchy foods containing gluten (breads, pasta etc.), this could indicate an imbalance or “addiction like” mentality, especially if the true hunger is not present. Food in several cases is a “transfer addiction” to those going through addiction recovery, in most cases resulting in weight gain, obesity related diseases, like diabetes type 2 and depression. Certain foods (junk foods, rich in syrups, trans fatty acids, etc.) will resemble similar dopamine responses you feel when getting high off of illegal drugs and alcohol.

In conclusion, if one has cravings for foods that stimulate the opiate receptors, this can often indicate the early stages of addiction or at least the addiction like mentality to prescription drugs, illegal drugs or alcohol. At this time, we cannot be more specific without very specific testing to the individual patient. The only natural solution at this time would be to use the Named Program menus to not stimulate the opiate receptors that cause the cravings. Also, regular counseling, exercise, good nutrition, meditation and amino acid therapy would all be helpful but the menus that do not stimulate the opiate receptors will be the key.