Why is it important to keep hydrated? Water is necessary for all metabolic functions in our body. We need to consume one half of our body weight in ounces per day and more if working out.


What does it do for the skin specifically? Water works with the Lymphatic System. The Lymphatic System is a separate system that moves toxins out of the body. This system is not moved by the heart or blood. It needs water and movement to work. If you do not consume enough water the Lymphatic system will become sludge like and the toxins will build up. This has a negative effect on the body in general and can result in the skin breaking out from the toxins building up.

How does staying hydrated help ward off heat related skin woes like swelling in the legs and feet, heat rash etc.? By the water working in the lymphatic system it helps the toxins move out of the body so they do not build up and cause swelling of the legs and feet and heat rash. Also by water working with the other metabolic functions it prevents things like heat exhaustion.


What are the dangers of dehydration to your body in general? One area is toxins will build up since the Lymphatic system will not remove the toxins properly. This can cause several problems mentioned above. Also your body often mistakes thirst for hunger and can cause weight gain. It also makes us feel sluggish which will tell us to eat sugar which will have a negative effect on the insulin mechanism, diabetes and again weight gain. It also will affect other metabolic functions which can cause heat exhaustion which if untreated can be deadly.


Can drinking water with a higher Ph help? Most people in the U.S. have an acidic diet. The body can maintain the proper Ph with the mechanisms it has but it has a hard time handling the extra acid in certain areas. Too much acid causes acidosis which causes inflammation which adversely affects 85% of all diseases according to the CDC. This includes heart disease, cancer and many more. Alkaline water (higher Ph) will help buffer the extra acid and slow down the inflammation.


What are the advantages to consuming something like Essential Water? Essentia Water is an alkaline water that will help buffer the acidic and slow down the inflammation. I prefer a Hydroxide Alkaline water. Here the OH- ion (hydroxide) will combine will the H+ ion which causes the acidity and form water eliminating the acid instead of just buffering it. I prefer elimination to buffering. The best Hydroxide Alkaline water I found through my research is AQUA OH! It is all natural, made from limestone and comes in a concentrate so it is about 250% less expensive.