Welcome to the Alliance’s new organization member NAMED Program, which provides drug treatment centers a balanced nutrition program that avoids opiate triggers like gluten, milk, and processed sugar. Specifically designed menus, amino acid therapy, and stable alkaline water (Aqua OH-) are used to drastically reduce symptoms of acidosis such as fluctuating insulin levels and cravings. NAMED Program also allows patients to utilize their resources for free after patients leave treatment to reduce the possibility of relapse.

The founder and CEO of NAMED is Keith Kantor, a personable naturopath with a PhD in nutritional science who hails from the Bronx but lives now in Georgia. After two decades in the food business as executive or consultant, testifying before Congress to advocate for wholesome GMO-free food, Kantor switched to neuronutrition in the field of addiction and in just three months has recruited over four dozen drug treatment agencies to sign up for monthly menus and recipes.
See www.namedprogram.com for more on this innovative company and bake one of their fall recipes (pumpkin apple pie muffins!)