Children Magazine Q & A with Dr. Kantor…

What are the dangers of unbalanced eating? It can cause nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalance. If our diet is lacking proper balance, we will suffer with low energy, inflammation and even weight gain. We thrive when we are adequately nourished with vitamins, minerals and enough healthy fats, quality protein and complex fibrous carbohydrates.


Do you have any tips for maintaining a healthy diet while on vacation? Strive to consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. This is challenging depending on your trip but it will also encourage you to order a salad instead of burger and fries for your meals. Also pack healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, or nutrition bars like Lara, Epic, or RxBars.


How can parents determine the healthiest option for their children on restaurant menus? Children’s menus are typically processed meals that are popular, you can order off the regular menu too if there were something like soup your child would enjoy rather then nuggets and macaroni and cheese. Try to get some fruit or vegetable in and avoid sugary juices or lemonades.


Any tips for finding healthy (ish) snacks when parents are desperate (i.e., stuck at the airport, need to stop at a rest station on the highway?) Coffee shops and newsstands have healthy options like yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit, and nutrition bars. Avoid fried fast food places.


How can you avoid the temptation of unhealthy eating while still enjoying the summer months? Indulge in a treat here and there so you do not feel deprived and practice moderation. Always make sure that you are staying active and getting in 9-11 servings of fruits and vegetables per day in addition to healthy fats, quality protein and real whole unprocessed foods should be 90% of your diet. Hydration can also ward off cravings, drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of alkaline hydroxide water (my personal favorite is AQUA-OH!) . This water also helps eliminate inflammation ( which you can get from sugary foods), ultra hydrates (the body forms more water than you drink) and clears the detoxification pathways, which is helpful if you ate any junk or processed foods.


What are some healthy alternatives parents can offer their children? Grilled foods instead of fried, chopped veggies and dip instead of chips, homemade popsicles from pure fruit puree instead of the dye colored popsicles that are popular, and smoothies with both fruit and spinach (the kids do not even taste the spinach).