If you have not looked into the benefits of consuming bone broth you are missing out on serious health, gut and skin benefits.  Thank you Consumer Health Digest for featuring my article on bone broth.

The holistic natural medicine community is buzzing about bone broth, health food cafes are serving it in coffee cups, top-notch practitioners are selling it as a core supplement and the list of health benefits is long.

Bone broth consumption is especially common on the ketogenic and Paleo diet. Bone broth consumption can come from chicken, fish, lamb, and beef to name a few.

Chicken noodle soup is not just a comfort food it is truly a food that boosts* healing, improves* the immune system and it is easy on the gut through digestion.

A study regarding the healing powers of chicken soup shows that the amino acidsproduced during the process of making the soup reduce* inflammation specifically in the respiratory area, it has been shown to improve* the overall immune system and reduce* symptoms of asthma.

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