Dr. Keith Kantor, CEO of the Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating and Drinking (NAMED) Program Joins Advances in Nutrition and Food Magazine Board As Editorial Board Chief Member

Advances In Nutrition and Food Magazine Is An Internationally Acclaimed Peer Review Magazine


Suwanee, GA/January 28, 2019 – The Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating and Drinking (NAMED) program announces that its CEO, Dr. Keith Kantor has joined the editorial board of Advances in Nutrition and Food Magazine as Editorial Board Chief Member. Advances in Nutrition and Food Magazine is an internationally acclaimed peer reviewed international journal covering all aspects of nutrition and food science with the aim of rapid dissemination of scientific knowledge among scientists, technocrats, nutritionists, dietitian and physicians published by Kosmos Publishers. Dr. Kantor will head an internationally acclaimed board of international experts in food health and nutrition in selecting and approving cutting edge articles for the magazine. The magazine promotes the same nutritional values of healthy living naturally that Dr. Kantor and NAMED advocate.


“I am very honored to have been selected to head the editorial board for Advances in Nutrition and Food Magazine,” said Dr. Keith Kantor, CEO of NAMED. “It is my hope that we will be able to provide groundbreaking knowledge in nutrition and food science that physicians, dietitians, and nutritionists can use for their patients to promote a healthier and longer life.”


Advances in Nutrition and Food science is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal that aims to publish world class research works from the field of nutrition and food sciences. The journal covers a wide arena of topics across the field of nutrition from education, health, diet, and research to disease prevention and management. The main objective of the journal  Nutrition & Food Science is to bring more awareness and in-depth analysis on the nutritional values and dietary needs of the people, and prevention of diseases caused by poor nutrition.


Dr. Keith Kantor has been an advocate of natural food and healthy living for over thirty years. He is an internationally renowned expert on integrative healing, substance abuse, and mental illness in the United States. As a veteran of 40 years in the United States Marine Corps he is also coaching veterans (through www.vetcv.com) who suffer with chronic diseases and health issues through natural healing.

Developed by Dr. Kantor, NAMED develops a precise nutritional menu and very specific hydration for those undergoing substance abuse recovery. The program is the only one in the world that concentrates on not stimulating the opiate receptors or even suppressing them naturally through specially designed menus. This lowers the cravings for the abused drug, increases the success rate and lowers the relapse rate. The program also lowers the inflammation in our bodies, which causes the insulin production mechanism in our bodies to malfunction. In addition to substance abuse. NAMED uses the same concept(specially designed menus and specific hydration) to mitigate Mental Illnesses. Also as mentioned above, Dr. Kantor is in charge of the Nutrition Program for www.vetcv.com, helping veterans to mitigate almost any disease/illness including substance abuse and mental illness with precise nutrition and specific hydration. NAMED Program also helps the general public mitigate almost any disease/illness with precise nutrition, specific hydration and healthy lifestyle additions.

Additional information on Kosmos Publishers may be obtained at www.kosmospublishers.com.

Additional information on the NAMED. program may be obtained at www.namedprogram.com.

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