Knee pain is not a localized pain, it typically stems from multiple anatomical imbalances. These imbalances include but are not limited to: weight gain, fallen arches in the foot, not enough functional movement exercise, lack of flexibility, dominate muscles in conjunction with weak muscles, years of improper movement patterns, too much high impact exercise, poor fitting shoes, and in some cases a processed diet that is low in nutrient dense foods can also exacerbate knee pain.

As a doctor in nutritional science and functional integrative medicine it always amazes me when I have a patient who does not exhaust all natural and non-invasive options before resorting to surgery or a pharmaceutical drug.

There are so many natural remedies that exist and are often overlooked because it is not part of our culture, accepted by some health professionals or it does not work as quickly as surgery or pharmaceutical drugs, even if the risks are higher with surgery or pharmaceutical drugs.

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