1.Dr. Keith Kantor, you developed NAMED, which offers “precise nutritional menus for those undergoing substance abuse recovery.”  Could you share what lead you to develop this amazing program and what the benefits are to the patients?


About 2 1/2 years ago I hurt my back and had to get a big back operation. This caused me to have to leave my job at an all natural food company and work at home. This gave me lots of time to do some heavy research. At the same time a friend of mine that was starting Five Star Rehabilitation Centers asked me if I could help with the menus. As I did the research and found out how many different foods stimulated the opiate receptors which control all the urges in our body except for sexual urges. I also found out that nobody was concentrating on the opiate receptors and found an important niche in the market place. At about the same time a Doctor friend of mine asked if I could do the same thing with mental illnesses. With more research, I found out that I could and cover the top twelve mental illnesses with specialized menus and specific hydration. While doing the research, I realized how important a role inflammation played in substance abuse and mental illness. So, with this research, NAMED was created, patented, trademarked and concentrates on suppressing the opiate receptors for substance abuse. Focus is centered on specific chemicals affecting the different mental illnesses and inflammation which the CDC says adversely affects up to 85% of all chronic diseases, including substance abuse and mental illnesses. Although patients still have to work with a medical professional, it has increased the successful withdrawal rate and lowered the relapse rate. For the other mental illnesses, it allows the doctors to lower the medicine needed to control the illness over a period of time.


  1. You were recently named the national spokesperson for AQUA-OH!.  Can you tell me what lead you to want to be part of this company, which offers alkaline water?


Through a series of fortunate circumstances, I came into contact with Optimal Harmony and AQUA OH! prior to its initial product launch. Realizing the revolutionary nature of the product after looking for some time for the best alkaline water and being disappointed with what the market place offered, I jumped at the chance to be a part of this company. They also greatly respected my program and how their water could fit seamlessly into it. Our mutual commitment to scientific discovery and integrity made our pairing almost inevitable.


Once on board with Optimal Harmony, I began working with their research team on developing an overall understanding of alkalinity and acidity. With this understanding we then sought to explain how AQUA OH! is different than most alkaline products on the market today because of its emphasis on hydroxide and not alkalinity alone. We have been hard at work writing and submitting articles for peer review to establish a firm foundation in the scientific community for the power of hydroxide to transform health through acid elimination. In order to maintain continuity and to make the work as easily accessible as possible, it was natural that my name as the national spokesman was chosen as the author of much of this research. My background in chemistry and nutritional science has helped guide the research.


Here is a link to one of the first articles on acidity and alkalinity:




  1. When did AQUA-OH! launch?  How has the water industry changed since that time?


AQUA OH! just launched a few months ago; September 2016 to be exact. The product has been in development for about two years with experimentation seeking to create a product that would provide the highest concentration of free hydroxide ions with as little mineral content as possible. Through trial and error Optimal Harmony was able to perfect the product and bring AQUA OH! to the marketplace.


We have not seen any earth-shattering news reflected yet in the overall alkaline water industry. However, as we begin to gain more exposure I am certain there will be plenty to write about. The one thing my research into alkaline waters did prove to me was that most of the waters on the market today use pseudoscience and unsubstantiated claims in their marketing. One fact that impressed me most about Optimal Harmony was their commitment to being honest and forthright in explaining their product and how it works. The fact that they did not seek out a patent because you cannot patent nature speaks to a level of integrity that I can respect. Their continued commitment to understanding and explaining the basic science was also something that I wholeheartedly support and am proud to be a part of.


Interestingly enough, the water treatment industry and the dental industry both have been using calcium hydroxide for many years. Each recognizes the powerful cleansing powers of calcium hydroxide when applied properly. Optimal Harmony has also found that calcium hydroxide provides the freest hydroxide ions possible with minimal natural processing. The concentrated solution that is AQUA OH! fits within GRAS standards of the FDA. GRAS means Generally Recognized as Safe.


For the most part, health care professionals and consumers are VERY pleased after they read the science behind our product and the work we have been doing to clarify the issue of alkalinity. In many cases, you might say a sigh of relief can be heard because we are bringing together an understanding on the overall “alkalinity and pH” topic. This topic has been widely discussed over the years within the health care community. Basically, flooding the body with alkalinity is NOT the same as REMOVING the acidity that can be the root of so many disease states leading to inflammation. This is where AQUA OH! separates itself out as THE CHAMPION ACID FIGHTER!


  1. I love the name AQUA-OH!  How did the name for the brand come about?




The company was seeking something simple that also had a bit of flair. In Latin “aqua” means water.

OH is the hydroxide molecule with the little negative up in the right-hand corner. The company does have the slogan “AQUA OH! The little negative with the big positive!” Basically, the power of the negative anion to eliminate the positive hydrogen proton is at the core of how AQUA OH! works.


Folks are also now saying “AQUA O” when speaking about it.



  1. AQUA OH! is part of Optimal Harmony Water Company.  What prompted them to create this type of alkaline water?  What was the inspiration and motivation?


As our website states: “Very simply, Optimal Harmony Water Company exists to manufacture, promote, and distribute AQUA OH!. A product as powerful and transformative as this needs a company dedicated solely to it. The human body needs AQUA OH! where NATURE has not been tainted by the hand of man.”


Beyond this the company also seeks to clear up the misinformation that exists in the alkaline water community in reference to the physical properties of water and what pH means. As you are aware, the alkaline water industry is saturated with many products, each claiming something special or different. Most of these claims are not backed up with hard science that is available for anyone to see and analyze. This is why Optimal Harmony focuses on peer reviewed science. Many of our articles point out the positive aspects of alkaline waters but we also stress how much better a hydroxide rich water is. Optimal Harmony hopes to clear up some of the basic science and reveal the truth. Our goal is to present the facts and let consumers judge for themselves based on those facts and not just convenient claims. The world needs a product that will actually REMOVE acidity from the body in a safe and effective way and not just buffer it through the addition of alkaline substances.


  1. Does Optimal Harmony Water Company and AQUA OH-! have a mission statement?  If yes, can you elaborate a bit more on it and what it means to you?


Paragraph 1 in Q5 is basically our mission statement. To elaborate, Optimal Harmony seeks to make the word “hydroxide” a household term. The transformative power of hydroxide and the way it works harmoniously with the body needs to be explained. The very nature of hydroxide is incredible. At present, a science paper is in the works delving deeply into the nature or hydroxide as it relates to exercise induced acidosis as Part 2 in a series of articles. The principles set forth in that article will lay out much of the basics as to the nature of hydroxide and its role or potential role in the body and in metabolism.


A further quote from our site: “Within the human body water plays just as important a role as it does on planet earth. The basic building block of all known living organisms is the cell and all of the components of the cell are dissolved in water. Not only are they dissolved in water, but they derive their structure and activity from their interactions with water. When there is harmony in the body, everything works together with water being not only the medium within which all cells are suspended but also the transport system through which everything flows. It is this environment that Optimal Harmony Water Company was created to support.”


What this means to me is I am instrumental in helping people all over the world achieve and maintain a better quality of life!



Alkalinity Surpassed … Hydroxide Water Perfected.


  1. AQUA-OH! water is “made naturally from limestone.  AQUA-OH! uses the properties of water to unlock the hydroxide buried deep within this rock.  Using the natural forces of heat and water, hydroxide ions are extracted from limestone and suspended in water.  When ingested, these hydroxide ions help the body maintain its acid-base homeostasis.  Hydroxide ions are powerful acid hunters and give the body the means by which to eliminate excess acids in the body instead of just neutralize them as other alkaline waters do.  The power in the hydroxide ions is that they seek out hydrogen protons (the cause of acidity) and combine with them to form harmless water.  Because the body is so intimately acquainted with water, it instinctively knows how to utilize the hydroxide ions AQUA-OH! provides to help restore optimal harmony. This is absolutely fascinating!  Is there anything done with the packaging so that it is ecofriendly?


Thank you! Yes, this is absolutely without a doubt, cutting-edge!


Each quart of AQUA OH-! is sealed in a BPA free container. One quart of AQUA OH! concentrate yields 8 gallons of drinkable diluted solution. By concentrating our product we not only save the consumer money, we also reduce the number of bottles our product needs to reach the consumer. One quart of concentrate means 32 bottles are not used by us in supplying our product to the consumer. That makes our footprint in the plastic industry far smaller than other bottled waters.


  1. How is sustainability embraced in the company?


Our two greatest sustainability achievements are: (1) our virtual organizational structure and (2) the nature of our product as a concentrate.  Our teams avoid travel by meeting virtually, and that saves enormously.  In addition, the product is a concentrate sold as a quart that makes 8 gallons of drinkable AQUA-OH!  The energy savings of using a concentrate like this are again enormous.

  1. What makes AQUA-OH! unique in the arena of alkaline water and where do you think it is headed? 


Here is a link to a short article on the subject:




In simple terms, AQUA OH! provides far more free hydroxide ions than any other alkaline water can. Most alkaline waters add many different minerals before they undergo ionization. This then creates many different mineral hydroxides each with a different dissociation rate. Dissociation is just a fancy way to say break apart. For example, sodium hydroxide becomes a sodium ion and a hydroxide ion in water. Some hydroxides readily dissociate creating free hydroxide ions while others do not. It is free hydroxide ions that matter. But even these free hydroxide ions still have their mineral counterparts present so they are not completely free.

AQUA OH!, on the other hand, only uses calcium hydroxide as its main source of hydroxide. This provides two main benefits. First, calcium hydroxide is divalent meaning it has two hydroxide ions for everyone one calcium ion. This means AQUA OH! starts out with twice as many hydroxide ions. Second, when alone calcium hydroxide is relatively soluble in water. This means it breaks down into its constituent ions easily.

But the difference in the source of hydroxide is not the only reason AQUA OH! provides more free ions than alkaline waters can. As stated, AQUA OH! starts out with twice as many hydroxide ions and then it naturally removes much of the calcium. This further concentrates the ions and eliminates the problem of leftover minerals when the hydroxide combines with hydrogen to eliminate acid. By the time the process is through AQUA OH!’s hydroxide to mineral ratio is far greater than 2 to 1 and far exceeds any alkaline water on the market.

AQUA OH! relies on its hydroxide content for its pH level and alkalinity, not its mineral content like other alkaline waters. This allows us to have a far higher pH and far higher alkalinity that is far more effective in combatting acidity than other alkaline waters. AQUA OH! Has a pH of 12.9 in concentrate form… and pH of 11.4 when diluted. However this high drinkable pH is NOT what makes us better. It is the fact that AQUA OH! has the highest amount of free HYDROXIDE ions available on the market today!


AQUA OH! REMOVES acidity from the body in the simple form of water via urination! Acids are not buffered or neutralized!


I believe AQUA OH! is headed toward being the most health beneficial/cost effective water to drink on the planet!





  1. Does Optimal Harmony Water and AQUA-OH! support a particular charity?  If so, what is the reason behind choosing that organization?  


Currently, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

To assist patients and families suffering from the issues related to the trauma of mental illness.

I am currently on the board of directors for my local chapter.


We have several other organizations we are researching.



  1. As a consumer, how can I purchase AQUA-OH!?


Consumers can go to NatraTech by clicking here:




Health care providers purchasing in bulk for their organization or interested in Private Labeling can use this link:


http://optharmony.com This is a private wholesale site so use access code: drkantor to log in. This site also has a huge Science section with many papers and a great short video explaining the product.


  1. Where is the company based?  Can you tell me a little bit more about AQUA-OH! headquarters, the team and company culture?


Optimal Harmony Water Company is a start-up company with a functional organizational structure, with important parts of the operation distributed in a number of locations.  You could say the “headquarters” is virtual, located in cyberspace.  The efficiency of this structure increases our sustainability.  Our team is committed to promoting healthy living and to maintaining honesty and good value in the marketplace.  In a nutshell, that’s our culture and vision.


  1. Who would benefit from consuming AQUA-OH! water?


Wow! Without sounding arrogant, every BODY!


On a serious note, here are several:


People on a mission to REMOVE the toxic acidity (hydrogen protons) from their bodies permanently for positive health benefits.


Athletes / Gyms


Massage Therapists / Spas


Health Care Clinicians


Health Clubs


Energy Healers


Pets…yes there are many vets that recommend AQUA OH! for animals




The list goes on…


  1. How would you describe your ideal customer?


Health conscious individual seeking a solid foundational basis through PROPER hydration.

The body was designed to function on H2O.




  1. Are there any new products or launches that we can expect to see in the near future?


For product visibility, we are in the process of booking future dates for radio, TV and many magazine publications.


I can also be contacted via e mail on Optimal Harmony’s website or: keith@drkeithkantor.com



  1. I would love to know who inspires you and why?


It is not who inspires me but what. I love helping people and knowing I am making in my small way a contribution to two of the largest health problems in America is a great feeling.


  1. What are the company goals for the future?


Very simply to get AQUA OH! into the most markets possible by using health care providers, spas, exercise trainers, etc. as resellers. Our product is unique and benefits from knowledgeable hands on resellers. This is why our site is a wholesale site for people who want to resale our product and provide the consumer with knowledge as well as the best water out there.


  1. What is your favorite way to relax?


My favorite way to relax is working out and I do so pretty much every day.


  1. Do you have a favorite destination to travel for either work or leisure and why do you love it?


My favorite destination is any nice beach with warm weather. I love the sun and warm weather and have been able to find a medical facility in these locations so I can get a little work in.


  1. How do you find balance while juggling life’s needs and work’s responsibilities?


I’m not very good at balancing work and my personal life. I’m pretty much a workaholic and love helping people. Luckily I’ve been married to my lovely wife Karen for over forty years and she reins me in when necessary.


  1. Is there anything else that you feel is important to share about AQUA-OH!?


Once the science behind acidity and alkalinity is understood and the nature of hydroxide is understood, I believe people will come to the same conclusion I came to and realize what a revolutionary approach this product is to the problem of excess acidity.

I also noticed some talk of the pineal gland on your site and thought this article might interest you: